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3 Ways to Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape

Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape

Modern vapes are inexpensive, and they’re also extremely well designed to make the process of vaping as smooth, fun and enjoyable as possible while also tailoring the experience to the preferences of the individual vaper.

But what happens if your vape is broken? Or if you’re out of battery but you’re desperate for a hit? Well, there are some other options you can try, and in this post, we have all the info you need about how to smoke vape juice without a vape.

Why you really don’t want to Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape

Before we talk about some different ways to vape if you have vape juice but no vape, let’s take a step back and think about why you really don’t want to try this.

Vaping has been around for around two decades, and the devices on sale nowadays have gone through several generations of development.

As a result, modern vapes are far more advanced, far smoother devices to use compared to the originals, and lots of R&D work has gone into making the vaping experience as smooth, enjoyable and above all safe for the vaper as possible.

The most recent vapes are available with mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung delivery methods, depending on how closely you want to replicate the experience of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, and you can also choose vapes that deliver a satisfyingly large cloud of vapor.

Furthermore, one of the main reasons that people vape is because it is also considered a healthier option than consuming traditional cigarettes, and the safety and comfort of vaping devices are major selling points – something that’s absent if you smoke juice with no vape.

No safety features

Specifically, vapes are designed to protect you from harmful chemicals, and both the juice itself and the device that vaporizes it for you to inhale ensure that the user is not exposed to any dangerous compounds.

However, if you try to vaporize juice and inhale the vapor without a proper vape, you have none of the safety features of a vape, placing your health at risk.

For example, if you vaporize juice on a surface that contains toxic chemicals, you will also end up inhaling those dangerous chemicals, and you will also have little control over how hot the vapor is when you inhale it, putting you at risk of burning your throat.

So in short, the safest, most comfortable way to smoke vape juice is to use a proper vape – and doing it any other way is not recommended.

However, if you are still determined to smoke your vape juice without a vape, there are still ways to do it – so let’s have a look at a few of them now.

1. How to Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape – The hot knife method

How to Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape – The hot knife method

This method is very simple but effective if you want to smoke vape juice when your vape is broken or out of charge.

The major downside is that there is no way of controlling or regulating how quickly the juice is vaporized – rather, it is all vaporized at once, and you inhale it all in one go, giving you a harsh and relatively unpleasant hit.

In addition, if the knife has any chemicals on it, perhaps to protect it against rusting, you may end up inhaling them as well as the vapor, something that is likely to be very bad for your lungs.

Here’s how to do it:

What you need

  • Large knife
  • Blowtorch, cigarette lighter or other heat source
  • Plastic cup (optional)
  • Straw (optional)

How it’s done

  1. Prepare the plastic cup and straw

Although not essential, this technique works better if you have a plastic cup and a straw to help you catch the vapor and inhale it all, and if you’re going to use a plastic cup and straw, you need to prepare them before you move on to the main part of the technique.

All you need to do is drill or poke a hole through the base of the plastic cup and insert the straw into it. You will then use the cup to catch the vapor, and the straw will allow you to inhale it.

  1. Heat the knife

Using a blowtorch, cigarette lighter or other heat source, heat the blade of the knife until it is extremely hot. While doing this, be very careful not to burn yourself since it’s easy to cause yourself an injury.

  1. Put a drop of juice on the knife

When the knife is hot enough, simply place a drop of juice onto the blade, which will instantly cause it to vaporize.

If you aren’t using a cup, you can simply do this in front of your face and then inhale the vapor as it rises. However, if you do this, you will lose a lot of the vapor, which is why it’s better to use the cup and straw method.

If you are using the cup and straw, start by placing the straw in your mouth and holding the cup in front of you.

You then need to put a drop of the vapor onto the hot knife blade while holding the knife beneath the cup.

This will cause the vapor to rise up and collect in the plastic cup, and you can then inhale it through the straw.

Tip – use a spoon instead of a knife

One other idea is to replace the knife with a metal spoon. This will make it easier to catch the drop of juice, but it will also make it easier to burn your hand – so you should protect your hand by wearing an oven glove or something similar.

2. How to Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape – The lightbulb technique

This method is a little fiddly to set up since it requires you to separate the glass part of a lightbulb from the rest of it without breaking the glass. Also, since lightbulbs often contain nasty chemicals, you may end up inhaling something toxic.

But if you still want to try, here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need

  • Lightbulb
  • Knife or scissors
  • Plastic bottle top
  • Straw
  • Heat source

How it’s done

  1. Remove the metal part from the bulb

Start by carefully removing the metal part from the lightbulb. You can try to prize it off with a knife or scissors – but you need to take extra care while doing it because it’s easy to break the light bulb and cut your hand.

  1. Break off the ceramic

Beneath the metal part, there should be a piece of ceramic. You need to carefully break this off too, again, trying not to break the glass part or cutting your hands.

  1. Remove the filament

The last thing you need to remove is the filament, which should still be inside the bulb.

  1. Wash thoroughly

Since the lightbulb is probably coated with chemicals like silica that you don’t want to inhale, you should now clean the inside of the bulb thoroughly. Using a mixture of hot water and soap will do the trick.

  1. Prepare the cap

Drill a hole in the bottle cap and push the straw through the hole. This will go on top of the bulb, and you’ll use the straw to inhale the vapor. You’ll also need to make a small hole in the side of the cap to allow air into the bulb.

  1. Fill the bulb, heat and vape

Next, you just pour some vape juice into the bulb, fit the bottle cap over the bulb and heat the bulb containing the juice. This will then vaporize, and you’ll be able to inhale it – although you should expect a much harsher hit than from a well-designed modern vape.

3. How to Smoke Vape Juice Without a Vape – Dabbing

To do this, you’ll need a dabber. The method works well, but you still won’t get a nice smooth hit like from a proper vape.

What you’ll need

  • Dabber
  • Aluminum can or similar
  • Heat source

How it’s done

  1. Place the juice on the rim of a can

Take an empty soda can or something similar and put a few drops of juice on the rim.

  1. Heat the dabber

Heat the dabber to a high temperature using a blowtorch. You can also use a cigarette lighter, but this will make it much harder to achieve the high temperatures required.

  1. Pass the dabber over the juice and inhale the vapor

Touch the end of the dabber onto the juice on the can. This will instantly make it vaporize, so you should inhale from the other end to get your hit of vapor.

Again, you can expect this to be a far harsher sensation than you would get from any commercial vape, but if you have no other choice, at least it’s one way to get your vaping hit.

Inadvisable but possible

So as we’ve seen, although it’s not advisable or particularly smart to try smoking vape juice without a vape, it’s still possible if you absolutely have to do it.

However, our advice would be to ensure your vape is always in good working condition and that your battery is always charged – because that way, you can avoid having to resort to anything like what we’ve described in this post.

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