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8 Ways to Make a Vape

to Make a Vape

Nowadays, there is such a vast range of vaping devices on the market, including pods, mods, pod mods, disposables and much more – but some enterprising vapers might also be wondering if it’s possible to make their own.

There are different ways to build your own device, and several reasons why you might want to try, so to give you all the info you need about this topic, in this post, we discuss how to make a vape – as well as why you probably don’t really want to.

Emergency DIY Vapes

If you find yourself at home with a desperate urge to vape but only have vape juice and no device that will allow you to vape it, there are a couple of emergency options you can try to DIY yourself.

You might also want to try making something like this just for fun or out of curiosity – but remember that none of these methods will produce anything like the smooth vape of a properly engineered and produced device.

Furthermore, a DIY vape such as these will have no safety features, so you could put yourself at risk of inhaling hot vapor and burning your throat or otherwise burning or injuring yourself.

As a result, we don’t recommend trying any of these techniques – but for anyone who’s still interested, here are four ways to construct a makeshift DIY vape.

1. How to Make a Vape From a lightbulb

How to Make a Vape From a lightbulb

What you’ll need:

  • Clear lightbulb (don’t use a white or colored one)
  • Sharp knife
  • Pliers
  • 2 straws
  • Plastic bottle top
  • Vinegar

How to do it

Use a sharp knife to cut off the top of the part of the lightbulb that you screw into the socket – you will then be able to pull out the filament using a pair of pliers. This will leave you with an empty bulb.

Next, use some vinegar mixed with some water to clean out the inside of the bulb. It’s important to do this because lightbulbs often contain chemicals that you don’t want to mix with the vapor that you’re going to inhale.

After cleaning it, place the bottle top over the end of the lightbulb. Poke two holes into it with your knife and then push one straw through each hole.

Once this is done, all you need to do is remove the bottle top and straws, put some vape juice into the bulb, replace the bottle top and straws and then apply a heat source to the bottom of the bulb.

This will cause the juice in the bulb to turn to vapor, which you can then inhale through one of the straws while leaving the other straw free to allow air into the bulb.

2. How to Make a Vape From a glass jar

How to Make a Vape From a glass jar

What you’ll need

  • Small glass jar with lid
  • Straw
  • Knife

How to do it

This method is quite similar to using a lightbulb but is a little easier since there are fewer steps.

Start by making sure your jar is clean inside and then cut a hole in the lid of the jar that’s the right size for a straw to fit in.

Next, push the straw into the hole in the lid and cut a small hole in the straw just above where it meets the lid – this is to allow air to flow into the jar when you take a puff.

After this, simply put some vape juice in the jar, heat it underneath and inhale the vapor through the straw

3. How to Make a Vape From a shot glass

How to Make a Vape From a shot glass

What you’ll need

  • Shot glass
  • Small plastic water bottle
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • 2 straws

How to do it

Cut the top of the plastic bottle off around the neck so that it’s just a little bigger than the shot glass. Place this over the top of the shot glass and tape it in place to create an airtight seal.

Next, poke two holes into the top of the bottle lid and push one straw through each hole.

You can then unscrew the bottle lid to add vape juice to the shot glass – and then when you put the lid back on, you just need to heat the shot glass to turn the juice into vapor for you to inhale.

4. How to Make a Vape Using a knife

How to Make a Vape Using a knife

What you need

  • Large knife
  • Plastic cup
  • Straw
  • Heat source

How to do it

This is a very simple technique that you can use to give yourself a quick vaping hit, but it can be difficult to regulate how quickly the vape juice is vaporized.

As a result, you may experience quite a harsh hit – and it’s also not a very efficient method since a lot of the vapor will be lost each time.

Start by making a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup using a knife and poke a straw through the hole. You will use this to catch the vapor and inhale it.

Next, take a large knife and heat the end. It’s a good idea to wear gloves to prevent burns.

Once the knife is hot, place a couple of drops of vape juice on it. The juice will instantly turn to vapor, and you can use the plastic cup and straw to catch the vapor and inhale it.

5. Building your own custom vape

Building your own custom vape

Another way to “make” your own vape is to build a mod vape using custom components instead of buying a complete kit.

When doing this, you will be able to choose the various components according to your own personal preferences, allowing you to fully customize your vaping experience.

However, you will still have the benefit of using high-quality components made by professional vaping companies.

This solution allows you to choose your own battery and atomizer, giving you control over the power, the resistance of the coil, the temperature settings, the size of the tank and far more.

So although this might not be the same as building a vape from scratch, it’s a far easier and more practical way to do it that still allows you to make lots of decisions about how the vaping device you use will perform.

Building a DIY vape from scratch

On the other hand, if you are a particularly technical person or otherwise have the necessary DIY skills, you can make a functioning vape at home using various materials that are relatively easy to obtain.

For anyone interested in having a go at something like this, we’ve had a look at what some other people have been trying, and here are a couple of plans we think you might be interested in checking out.

6. Homemade Vape Pen: 4 Steps – Instructables

Homemade Vape Pen: 4 Steps – Instructables

In this interesting plan, this DIYer explains how he set about making a vape using only parts that were not intended for vaping.

He did it as a kind of personal challenge, and you might not be able to recreate his plan exactly, but at least it should help give you some ideas about where to start.

Check tutorial

7. Basics for building your own Vape/Box Mod –

Basics for building your own Vape/Box Mod

This is a highly technical plan for anyone who is determined to make a DIY vape at home. It goes into plenty of detail and offers some useful diagrams to help you understand what to do, so it could be a fun and challenging plan to attempt if you feel like you’re up to it.

Check tutorial

8. How To Make a Vape at Home –

How To Make a Vape at Home

Here’s a useful resource that explains the basics of making a homemade vape – so if that’s something you’re considering trying, this is a post you should read before you get started.

Check tutorial

Why you shouldn’t bother making a vape

Although there are many ways to make a vape at home, unless you want to do it as a challenge or you’re desperate for a vape but don’t have a functioning device to hand, there are very few reasons for doing so.

As we mentioned above, homemade vapes are far less pleasant to use, far less convenient and far less safe.

Furthermore, even if you build a “proper” vape at home using the plans we’ve included, you won’t even save yourself any money since modern vapes are extremely reasonably priced, and the quality will be far higher than any DIYer will be able to achieve in their own workshop.

This means that unless you just want to try for the challenge of the project, there are no advantages to building your own.

For keen vapers, buying a kit or customizing their own vaping set-up are by far the best solutions – while for those who don’t even want the hassle of deciding which brand to buy or which kind of set-up to use, high-quality disposable vapes are a much better solution.

A great example of this would be the Spiritbar Katana 10000, a device designed to replicate the look and feel of a Japanese katana sword.

Each of these disposable vapes provides the user with 10,000 puffs before it needs to be replaced, and due to the stylish yet ergonomic design, they are a pleasure to use – so with affordable vapes such as these available, it makes little sense to go the DIY route.

As a result, unless you find yourself in extreme circumstances or want to make a DIY vape just because you can, our advice is that it’s not worth the trouble.

It’s possible to DIY a vape – but it’s not usually advisable

As we’ve seen, if you are desperate for a vape and don’t have a device to hand or simply want to make a DIY vape just for fun, it’s certainly possible.

However, if you want to save yourself some money by making your own, it’s probably not even worth trying – since you’ll probably end up paying more to build a DIY vape that works, and it won’t even perform anywhere near as well as an inexpensive vape you buy from a store.

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